Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Biggest Temptation

    The Biggest Temptation in the Ameba Pico and Pigg game, Ameba Gold. Most of the users are being tempted and fooled by a lot of users through offering Ameba Gold. Just yesterday, Ameba Pigg has an animation video to remind their users.

アメーバピグ スタッフブログ

    Here's Pigubato, Pigg's newest character! He's one of the Pigg World protectors from the users with wrong manners. Maybe someday he'll come in Pico too?

    So yeah, most of the biggest temptation in the game is Ameba Gold, Cheat and generators. People should really care about what you're doing, clicking and what site you're visiting. Stop already and be suspicious if it's already asking your email and password account. Through those good temptation, they could get your account easily with out even noticing it.

    Join our groups; Ameba Pico Anti-Hacking and Protect Ameba Newbies! Share to your friends and help the become aware!

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  1. the man who was about to hack you scared me... idk why...