Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Call Me Maybe Update

I guess I will never be able to finish this video anymore...

First of all, my old laptop isn't working anymore. It's totally dead that it just only open up to the desktop. Then after 5 seconds, it'll turn off automatically.Second, if I  ever continue the video, I don't really have problems with Rose and Eric's faces, but us, the other casts -Mai, Mia, RaiNicole, Bry, YaSuo and the other chosen winner's faces frin the 'student search' we had last time should be changed as well. I find it more hard than changing only Rose and Eric's. Currently, I am in the middle of the video, but I just couldn't re-render it because my other laptop won't open so I ended up uploading this unfixed draft. And lastly, I just couldn't work for it while the actors doesn't want anymore. I don't find that fine if I force things out.. but I am going to figure something out.

So yeah, here's the Call Me Maybe draft- I might upload the longer one if ever my other laptop can survive. The story line is already complete and all of them are alive inside of my head. I just hope that, there is a miracle... like what happened to tita Ayame's 'Kung Fu Pico'. I hope I could also finish this one.

Also, sorry for the low sound XD

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

One Day Recycle Campaign


Recycle any items from your decor or closet and get 10GM per recycle.
This is only for one day
1/14/2012 00:00 - 23:59!

This is ONLY for a day.
The items from community won't give you 10GM.

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Information from:

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ask Props & Rings!

    Hey guys! It's been a while since I posted a blog post~ So for today, I am going to teach you to speak in Japanese to be able to communicate with them in the game! I'll give you some words and phrases with translation for you to be able to copy and paste them :)


Good Morning!
Good After Noon!/Hello!
Good Evening
こんばんわ! (Konbannwa)
Good Night!

Asking for Props
-Props please
グッピグお願いします!(Guppigu Onegaishimasu!)
グッピグ下さい!(Guppigu Kudasai!)
-Props please, I will props you back.
グッピグ下さい!お返しします!(Guppigu Kudasai, Okaeshi shimasu)
グッピグお願いします!お返しします!(Guppigu Onegaishimasu! Okaeshi shimasu!)
-I'll props you back
グッピグお返ししますよ(Guppigu okaeshi shimasu yo)

★Asking for Ring
-Ring Please
きたよお願いします(Kitaso Onegaishimasu)
きたよ下さい(Kitayo Kudasai)
-Ring please, I will ring you back
きたよ下さい!お返しします!(Kitayo Kudasai, Okaeshi shimasu)
きたよお願いします!お返しします!(Kitayo Onegaishimasu! Okaeshi shimasu!)
-I will ring you back
きたよお返しします(Kitayo okaeshi shimasu)

-Excuse Me//Sorry for intruding
失礼します(Shitsurei shimasu) ->Very formal
-Sorry//I'm sorry
ごめんね(Gomen ne)
ごめんなさい(Gomen nasai)
お願いします(Onegai shimasu)
よろしくお願いします(Yoroshiku onegai shimasu)
可愛い(Cute, how cute!)
可愛いです(You are cute, it's cute)


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Mainstream Rumors

"From APE Etoile


Everyone for your safety, stop earning!
I saw a post in Ochi X Icha 's page about:
When we earn, some surveys like panasonic or tsutaya will ask us to fill our personal information such as Phone number and address in Japan. Actually, the cyber agent will send a message or visit the phone number and address that we type in. But i'm sure everyone entered a fake personal i
nformation. Well that is illegal. Cyberagent would try to find out the criminals and they will be poisoned for months or maybe several years. This is just like what cybercrimes that happened in philipines several months ago, and the criminals who is from Philippines got arrested and prisoned for 12 years. Yeah this is not kidding. read this: id.wikipedia.or g/wiki/ kejahatan_dunia_ maya (indo version. Teanslate it if you are non-indos.) and you will believe what i said
From:Janice Shieru
So,stop earning from you wanna be jailed just because a virtual game?Beware guys,for your own safe!
Own opinion. This is why I don't earn because I don't want to lie.. and I know the system about them sending msg to your mobile phone, that's why, probably some of you get ban on earning.

Also, I got tired of their daily news on my phone -w-


     To some people whom read this, well, we are not asking you to believe but you can do it on your own way of thinking. Just that, I believe it because I am in Japan. Remember when I said some an information before  on Royal Diary about SOPA & PIPA? Japan is one of the country that approved the U.S Law and I know how strict the country is. You don't know what's happening and what is the government thinking, it may NOT happen now but it could in the nearest future. If they, once again make a cyber law, then the nightmare could possibly happen and find people who do the illegal things in cyber. And please remember how your doing is illegal while it is against the rules/law of a game, country, or any other places that has it, it is just the same on being called to the office in school or get schold by your parents when you've done something wrong.

For further information about other's opinions, here's Indy and Crystal to widen your point of view :)

Indy on Facebook
"Let me make this clear for you guys.

I've saw some posts about, that if you enter fake data in an AG offer, that Cyberagent that it is illegal and that Cyberagent will find you and put you in prison.

It is a kind of "counterfeit" registration, if you use fake data to register. It is considered as fraud, so it is illegal, see this explanation:
"Altering computer input in an unauthorized way. This requires little technical expertise and is not an uncommon form of theft by employees altering the data before entry or entering false data, or by entering unauthorized instructions or using unauthorized processes."

It is illegal to enter fake info, but Cyberagent will NOT search for you, nor visit you (if they did, they have to visit a thousand of houses). And no, you won't go to jail. So don't worry and keep earning Ameba Gold with your fake data.

If you still don't trust it, use a proxy; I'd prefer Hotspot Shield. This tool will change your IP, and makes you anonymous.

I'd say, just continue and ignore those posts. Those people who write them, just don't grant other people to have AG. While they are doing it themselves.

- Indy Étoile

" Ok so I saw someone spamming rumors that I'd you earn cg, police come to find you. Ok that doesn't make any sense..
First of all, if you earned cg before, did the police come to find you? No!
Second, I have no idea about y all users is so afraid of it. C'mon! This is a Japanese game and you r in different countries.
So..... Keep calm and play pigg
     So if you are believing it or not, it's fine... we have our own opinions but it might be a Japanese game but you don't know how powerful the country is. Besides, even if you change proxy, professionals would still know. Think how high-tech the generation now. Everything is possible. The Japanese police may not find you but your own country's police could if  Japanese demand about it-THAT is very possible if both countries are corrupt. Now, it's up to you to decide what to do, continue earning or not but please be safe and aware.
    Also, I quite forgot that I am a blogger... so probably, from now on, I am going to do blog posts than FB postst ^w^

----------PICO RUMOR---------- 
About Ameba Pico is coming back on February 13, 2013. Well, just don't believe it and go with the flow. I don't really like people expecting something, it was painful to me when people did the petition asking the Admins of Ameba Pico not to close, thought it didn't work and it is painful to see how people getting hope for it. It's not that, I'm asking not to believe, it's your own decision but better not to believe while there is no official news about it :) And if it is coming back, why do they have to close the page and the blog where they can actually inform their previous users? Think.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

[ARASUJI] Ameba Pigg Cafe Start

    I just love the very first part of Cafe on Ameba Pigg. I love the way when my pigg got amazed what she's seeing behind the window. I love that action! So realistic!

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Pigg Halloween 2012

It's quite late already to upload this video, but this was a request to me so.. Enjoy! :)

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

[Tore Tore UFO] Items

New Arrival

    This item is sparkling when it fell while you're on game which means the items inside the rink increased. The spark only last seconds so you won't notice it after a while anymore because the spark is gone.


    These are the items that has a 'NEW' above it and it sparks as well to give you notice that it is an item that you haven't collected. When you already got one of it, this notice will be gone.

Rare Collections

    Rare items can only get through this box. This box only appear after you level up so it means, the rare items you have collected can only get once. Every time you level up and get this box, it always contains different rare items depending on your level

Click here to see the rare items

Stocked Item

    Just like in real life, items can get stock on the hole as well. Usually you have to move it again or let it fall through another items. But doing that is quite hard. So I advice to move it directly than waiting for luck.

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